Dundee city centre

The city centre of Dundee in Scotland is home to an incredible collection of buildings. Anyone who embarks upon an exploration of these streets is treated to the discovery of a rich diversity of architectural styles and designs.

I am reproducing the public thoroughfare of Dundee’s city centre as a full scale, high quality 3D model for experiencing in virtual reality (VR). This includes 3D scanning the area (using photogrammetry) to generate schematics, then using those schematics to inform the manual (Computer Assisted Design) 3D modelling of the virtual environment. The end goal is the VR experience, but working towards that will involve the production of many other digital assets.

More details to follow! Work is ongoing and the first draft of the VR model should be complete by Q3 of 2020. Until then, please enjoy the media linked below.

Page last updated 26th October 2020

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